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US Capitol

I remember this from several occasions. Visiting inside when Ann was on a business trip thereTalking to friends on the phone outsideSeeing the statues of Austin and Houston in the lobby

Lincoln Memorial

Looking back through personal photos, I find some from our family trip to DC. The photos convey how extremely large this statue is.

Iwo Jima

This is one of the places that we visited with Basil and Billie. Visiting the monuments to soldiers wat Basil's favorite thing. This was surrounded by work fences when we were there though.

Washington Monument

I always thought it would be neat to go to the top of this monument. Never got around to it. An interesting fact is that the very top is a small aluminum peak, which was very expensive at the

1980 Jeep Cherokee Sport

A departure from sedans was the purchase of a Jeep Cherokee Sport.   Bright red  and fun.   But it had its share of problems.   Steering wheel, water pump, battery.

1978 Mazda RX 7

Our favorite car of all times was the Mazda RX-7.   It was fast, smooth, comfortable.   But, alas, it did not have a back seat for kids.  

1975 Honda Civic

My first new car purchase was an M&M green Honda civic

1969 VW Fastback

When this car caused problems my dad let me have it as a trade for the 1965 VW beetle we had.    I got the fancier car.   But I also got the one that had a lot more problems.

1957 Ford Custom 300

In 1957 dad bought a Ford Custom 300 right before we moved from Dallas to El Paso.   I remember it had fresh paint and smelled wonderful. This was the first car that was mine.    The hand me down,

1965 VW Beetle

The 1965 Beetle is the first car my dad bought when I was of age to drive.   It was also significant because he bought it just before the end of the school year and before we took a major road trip (6

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