Member Plugins

Several plugins are available to manage a site with member logons.   The problem with these is generally any given plugin does not address all of the issues.

The plugin I chose was Ultimate Member.   It supports:

  • Formatted Logon page
  • Formatted Password Recovery
  • Simplified Profile Edit (The default editor has too many options)
  • Directory of members with user ability to opt out.
  • Limited Menu access
  • Protection of access to internal pages
  • Hiding of the admin bar for non-admins
  • Hiding of the dashboard for non-admins
  • Redirection to a chosen page after Login

To make a full member site, more restriction of access to files and widgets is desireable.   So I add the Content Control plugin.

Here is the specific analysis:

 Content ControlTheme My LogonRemove Dashboard AccessUser Registration WP EverestProfile BuilderUltimate Member
AuthorWPEverestCozmosLabUltimate Member
Ratings60K, 5%50K,5%200K,15%
Formatted Logon pageyesYESyes
Formatted Password RecoveryyesYESyes
Simplified Profile EditYESyes
Opt out of member directoryWith PRO version ($149)yes
Directory of membersWith PRO versionyes
Limited Menu accessyes
Limited Widget Accessyes
Protection of access to internal pagesthoroughYes
Hiding of the admin bar for non-adminsvery goodvery goodYesyes?
Hiding of the dashboard for non-adminsvery goodvery goodNOyes?
Redirection to a selected page after loginYES