Plugins – Not Used

The following are all appealing plugins that I have either stopped using or have decided against.

Site Origin Page Builder

This was an interesting structure for building pages, notably in columns.

But, I rejected it in the end because it is not WYSIWYG.   A better choice for a page builder is Elementor.

ShortCodes Ultimate

Like Site Origin PageBuilder, this is well done.   But it is based on a model of editing markup code rather than a WYSIWYG editor


I previously used this.    It is generally fairly easy to use, but I have found Updraft easier to use and has fewer problems with restoring a site.

Admin Menu Editor

This editor is very comprehensive and lets you edit the admin menu in great detail.   But, I find that I accomplish what I need by removing dashboard access for those who don’t need it using Remove Dashboard Access plugin.


Really Simple SSS

I dont have further need for this.

WP Retina 2x

I am not sure this helps

Member Plugins

I previously worked with the following but found that Ultimate Member does all of what these do and more.

  • Theme My Login (100K, 5%)`
  • Remove Dashboard Access for Non Admins (50K, 6%)
  • Restrict User Access (20K, 10%)
  • Profile Builder Plugin
  • Download Manager (100K, 25%)
  • Nav Menu Roles
  • Peters Login Redirect
  • User Role Editor